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What you should know about BAPET

      Within so small a territory of about 111,000 sq.km., Bulgaria has an amazing number of unique landmarks and wonderful tourist sites. Bulgarian natural marvels are no less picturesque and remarkable than world famous sites such as Stonehenge, Grand Canyon, etc. Bulgaria offers numerous and ever increasing possibilities for development of cave and eco tourism. There are all necessary prerequisites for their rapid development: natural, cultural and historical monuments, which are attractive tourist destinations.

      Bulgarian Association for Cave and Eco Tourism (BAPET) is a voluntary, independent, non-political, non-government association for cave and eco tourism. The main goal of BAPET is to support civil society development in Republic of Bulgaria in the field of cave and eco tourism by creating appropriate conditions and opportunities for sport, tourist, archeological, cultural and patriotic activities.

1 What you should know about BAPET
2 Main Goals
3 Why to Become a Member of BAPET
4 Requirements for membership in BAPET
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